Upcoming Eclipses of the Sun and Moon

The Upcoming Eclipses Page gives a quick preview of all upcoming solar and lunar eclipses. The list below gives links to maps and diagrams for each eclipse. If a special web page for the eclipse is available, a link is given. For a basic introduction to eclipses, see Solar Eclipses For Beginners and Lunar Eclipses For Beginners.

In 2013, there are two solar and three lunar eclipses:

In 2014, there are two solar and two lunar eclipses:

In 2015, there are two solar and two lunar eclipses:

In 2016, there are two solar and two lunar eclipses:

For more information about future eclipses, see:

Solar Eclipse Resources

2001 June 21 Total Solar Eclipse
Total Solar Eclipse of 2006
This sequence captures the entire eclipse from start to finish.
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Solar Eclipse Predictions and Maps

Solar Eclipse Photography

Solar Eclipse Photographs

Solar Eclipses and Eye Safety

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Lunar Eclipse Resources

2000 Total Eclipse
Phases of the 2000 Total Lunar Eclipse
Totality is embraced by the partial phases of the 2000 total lunar eclipse.
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Lunar Eclipse Predictions and Maps

Lunar Eclipse Photography

Lunar Eclipse Photographs

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