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The Solar Eclipse Mailing List (SEML) is an electronicnewsgroup dedicated to Solar Eclipses. Founded byBelgian eclipse chaser Patrick Poitevin ([email protected]), it is a forumfor discussing anything and everything about eclipses.

The mailing list has been in operation since December 1997. It moved to Yahoo! Groups in July 2004 where it is now moderated by British eclipse chaser Michael Gill ( [email protected]).Subscribers can send messages to the group which are then forwarded to all other subscribers. Members will also receive e-mails sent by other subscribers to the list. Only subscribers can post messages to the list.A feature of Yahoo! Groups is the online archive. This archive is only available to subscribers.The objective of this list is to enable the sharing of information between solar eclipse enthusiasts and to facilitate contact between amateur eclipse observers, scientists, researchers and academics. It is a forum where subscribers can send questions, make announcements of eclipse web pages, eclipse-related software, books, request assistance, make introductions etc..Do not send large files to the list. The SEML has been configured to strip attachments from e-mails. Try to send plain text e-mails. The language is English.

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