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The Solar Eclipse Newsletter (SENL) was a monthly electronic newsletter dedicated to Solar Eclipses. Published by Belgian eclipse chaser Patrick Poitevin ([email protected]), it was an archive of messages from the Solar Eclipse Mailing List (SEML) newsgroup. The monthly newsletter was terminated in July 2004, but past issues are still available from the archive below.

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Solar Eclipse Newsletter Index (pdf format)

International Solar Eclipse Conferences

14-15 October 2000, Antwerp, BELGIUM

20-22 August 2004, Milton Keynes, ENGLAND

24-27 August 2007, Southern California, USA

Totality Day Meetings

One day meetings focusing the most recent total eclipse of the Sun.

11 August 2001, Open University, Milton Keynes, ENGLAND

8 February 2003, Open University, Milton Keynes, ENGLAND

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Solar Eclipse Mailing List

The Solar Eclipse Mailing List (SEML) is an electronic news group dedicated to solar eclipses. Moderated by British eclipse chaser Michael Gill ( [email protected]), it serves as a forum for discussing anything and everything about eclipses and facilitates interaction between both the professional and amateur communities. For more informations, see Solar Eclipse Mailing List

The SEML is hosted at Complete instructions are available on line for subscribing and unsubscribing.

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