SE Newsletter December 1998

General: Eclipse Jokes

From: FRED ESPENAK Subject: [SE] Eclipse Jokes? Sender: [email protected]

For those of us with a sense of humor, I wonder if anybody on this mailing list knows any jokes involving or about eclipses? Care to share them with us? Fred Espenak

From: Pierre Arpin Subject: Re: [SE] Eclipse Jokes? To: [email protected]

This one is true, believe it or not.

At the july 10th 1972 total solar eclipse at Cap Chat, I was on our eclipse site rented from a local farmer when a member of the Societe d'Astronomie de Montreal realized when he unpacked his Ecolnoline van that he have forgotten his telescope in Montreal but not his 5 packs of Molson, a local beer.

This story have been told in evey parts of the world I went to observe total eclipses. Pierre "IQ89" Arpin ICQ # 3204677 Le seul , unique et inclonable Coordonnees : 45 deg 32 N ---- 73 deg 28 O

From: "Eric K. Pauer" To: [email protected] Subject: Re: [SE] Eclipse Jokes?

>From the Amateur Telescope Makers of Boston web page, I recently saw a joke list about solar observers which might also be used to describe eclipse chasers:

YOU KNOW you are a Solar Observer when:

YOUR sunglass lenses are only mylar.

The windshield of YOUR car only passes hydrogen-alpha light.

YOU ask your optometrist to install occulting disks on your contact lenses.

YOU order the sunroof for your car from Thousand Oaks.

YOU flunk a geography test when you claim that Canada is divided into prominences.

YOUR spouse asks you to buy sunscreen for your vacation and you order it from Tuthill.

YOU actually sleep at night.

YOU try to polar align using shadows.

YOU stargaze only in the daytime.

YOU think the aperture of your scope is too large.

>From an article written by Jay Reynolds Freeman. Enjoy! Eric Pauer, Brookline, NH USA

From: "Joel M. Moskowitz, M.D." To: "[email protected]" Subject: Re: [SE] Eclipse Jokes?

Well, not exactly a joke, but a funny movie. The movie "Out To Sea" with Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau (and Diane Cannon) was partly about a cruise to see an eclipse. They were pretty accurate about the eclipse, with mylar filters and all, but Holluwood overdid it by making the corona red. The funny thing about it is that the movie was filmed aboard Holland America's Westerdam, and I was on the Veendam for the eclipse on 2/26/98. Art imitates life.

From: Robert Chalmers To: [email protected] Subject: Re: [SE] Eclipse Jokes?

Eclipse jokes? That's a tough one but I did run across something *mildly* humorous. My wife and I saw the 26FEB98 eclipse in Aruba. On a rainy day in early summer we were in Borders book store and my wife stumbled across a magazine about the eclipse. I thought I had them all (Astronomy, Sky & Telescope, etc) but this one was the "naturalist" or something like that (began with an "N"). The whole issue was about the eclipse from the point of view of a "nude cruise" in Aruba. The cover photo was a shot looking down at nude bodies (except for the mylar solar filters held over their eyes) lying on the deck looking up at the eclipse. I probably should have bought it, but the eclipse photos weren't all that great ;-)

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