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Hello everybody, I am looking for the following paper:

Sifontes, E. (1926). "Meteorological Variations During an Eclipse at Bolivar City, November 22, 1919". In CONTRIBUTION TO THE STUDY OF THE TROPICAL CLIMATOLOGY TO THE SOUTH OF THE ORINOCO RIVER, Part 3; pp. 34-36. Bolivar City. Venezuela.

This paper is in Spanish:

Variaciones Meteorologicas Durante un Eclipse en Ciudad Bolivar, el 22 de Noviembre de 1919. En CONTRIBUCIONES AL ESTUDIO DE LA CLIMATOLOGIA TROPICAL AL SUR DEL RIO ORINOCO, Parte 3; pp. 34-36. Ciudad Bolivar, Venezuela.

and it has been quoted in ECLIPSE METEOROLOGY with Special Reference to the Total Solar Eclipse of August 31, 1932, by Brooks, Ch. F. et al. (1941), Harvard Meteorological Studies No.5, Harvard University, Blue Hill Meteorological Observatory, Milton, Massachusetts; p.108.

Can you help me to find a photocopy. It is just three photocopies only and nothing else! Thank you very much. Regards, Marcos A. Penaloza M. University of Essex Institute for Environmental Research (BCS Dept.) Central Campus. Wivenhoe Park Colchester, Essex CO4 3SQ England, U. K.

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