SE Newsletter December 1998

General: Info wanted

From: Penaloza M A To: Patrick Poitevin cc: JVG Send SE Listing Subject: [SE] Publication Info

There is a publication entitled ECLIPSES IN THEORY & PRACTICE from which I would like to know details (author, content, characteristics, technical?, historical?, artistical?, what?).

Here are the data I've got so far:

Sun Publishing Company Trader paper, ISBN 0-89540-184-3 Sun Books, SB-184, 1991 112 pp. US$ 13.00 (Publisher)


Society of Metaphysicians, Ltd Trade paper ISBN 1-85810-086-0 12/1995. Mic. bibl.: 21 cm. 112. n.e. 8.50 (Whitaker)

Does anyone can give more information about it? Thank you. Marcos A. Penaloza Essex University England

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