SE Newsletter December 1998

General: Coligny Calendar

From: Felix Verbelen Subject: Re: Coligny calender To: [email protected]

>Hello all of you, I just found a reference to the Coligny calender (from the 1 century after Christ), this calender is written in Gallic language possibly by Druids, and it seems it divided the year into 64 months. Does someone >has a translation of this calender (I could not find it in a www-search machine)? Hope to hear more on this from you. All the best, Victor

An interesting article on the Coligny calendar was published in ZENIT(maandblad van de Nederlandse Vereniging voor Sterrenkunde) by A. DE BELIE -- (Zenit /June 1979). This article goes into the details of the calendar and includes 2 pictures of part of the inscriptions. The calendar was (=is ?) at the Musée de la Civilisation Gallo-Romaine at Lyon (France). Regards. Felix Verbelen E-mail: [email protected] Homepage:

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