SE Newsletter December 1998

General: SEML on Harrington's web

From: Phil Harrington Subject: Intro for Solar Eclipse Mailing List Dear Patrick, I will be updating my home page tomorrow. I have changed my write-up of the Solar Eclipse Mail List and hope you will find it acceptable. I have included a copy of the new description below. Best regards, Phil Harrington

In December 1997, Patrick Poitevin, a dedicated solar eclipse observer from Belguim, started an e-mail list about solar eclipses. This is the first mailing list devoted solely to topic of solar eclipses on the internet.It's a great resource for those who are interested in exchanging tips, trials, and tribulations about viewing nature's most wondrous celestial event. Thanks as well to the voluntary efforts of Jan Van Gestel, the Solar Eclipse Mailing List (listserver) now has 154 subscribers in 32 different countries.

To learn more about the mail list, here is Patrick's own instructions for joining. You'll find a direct link to the subscription mail box at the end of the message, if you'd like to sign up from here. Again, no cost, no obligation, and Patrick assures me that the subscription list will remain spam ever.

Mailing List for Solar Eclipses

I am starting a mailing list. This is a typical mailing list for Solar Eclipses. All subjects can be pointed to this listing. In fact all information what you want. Funny stories, books, observations, et, etc. As long as it has to do with solar eclipses.

Find herewith the procedure to subscribe:

To subscribe to a list, send a mail message to

[email protected]

with the following in the body of the message:

subscribe listname your_full_name, country

To unsubscribe from a list, send a mail message to

[email protected]

with the following in the body of the message:

unsubscribe listname

Then you will receive:

Thank you for subscribing at our maillist SOLARECLIPSES

To send a message : send a message to [email protected] As a check up, you receive a copy of your own message after a few seconds, in the same batch-processing with all the others.


Do NOT send large files. Try to send plain text. If you wish to attach a file anyway, please make it in ASCII. The language can be English, or in whatever language you like to write, but keep in mind that, if you write in Spanish or Dutch, a subscriber from Sweden or Denmark will not understand your message.

Copyright issues:

All subscribers automatically give the permission to archive the messages being sent. If you decline, please write your copyright on the bottom of each message. The non-copyright messages are regarded as public domain and imply your silent consent to include such messaging in the archive. If you feel this is wrong or you have changed your mind, please contact the list owner.


It is never the intention to announce the addresses of the members. If you are looking for somebody, write a message to the list owner and the contact person will be informed. A list of the subscribers is not available to the members. In this case we avoid junk mailers. Only subscribers can send messages to the Solar Eclipse Mailing List.

With kind regards, Patrick Poitevin Belgium [email protected]

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    You want a hard copy or annual subscription? You have comments, remarks, advise, information, etc?
    e-mail to Patrick Poitevin.

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