SE Newsletter December 1998

General: SENL and DDD '99

Dear reader,

This short message to remind you on the fact that the annual fee is due to be paid (see previous ENB). The amount for Belgium is 400 BEF and for people outside Belgium is 600 BEF. In case the contribution is not made, you will no longer receive the Eclips Newsletter in 1999. For those who already paid the contribution, many thanks.

On Saturday march 27 of next year there is a new edition of the DDD (Duistere dag or Dark Day). This edition will be a whole day event, starting on 10 p.m. in Volkssterrenwacht Urania, Matheessensstraat 60, 2540 Hove (Antwerp).

The conference will be in the sign of the eclipses of 1999 (both the annular as the total). Topics concerning travelling to eclipses, program's on PC, video taping eclipses etc. will be handled.

As the main speaker we have mister David Berghmans, who did a thesis on solar corona heating (Generation of MHD-waves in coronal loops by footpoint motions). David is working alternating at the university of Leuven and the Royal Observatory in Uccle (Belgium). Topic of this lecture will be the solar Corona.

People who wish to contribute to the DDD'99 can do so with poster sessions or short lectures. The general language is Dutch, but English will be no problem.

Feel free to participate, and contact me at the following address :

Gubbels Guido Terbeemden 67 B-3980 Tessenderlo Belgium e-mail : [email protected]

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