SE Newsletter December 1998

11 August 1999: Women and eclipses

From: Eric Pauer To: Multiple recipients of list Subject: Warning for Women in Cornwall

I thought that eclipse fans might enjoy this news clip:


From: [email protected] (Bob Morris) Subject: [SE] Eclipse "Health Tip of the Month" To: [email protected] (Solar Eclipse)

>From The National Post, Canada, Nov. 19. 1998


Women in Cornwall, England, are being warned not to get pregnant this month in case they end up giving birth in the middle of next year's solar eclipse. Doctors fear there will be so many people in the south-western English county next August to watch the rare total eclipse that women in labour will not be able to get to hospital through the traffic-clogged roads. As many as two million people are expected to descend on the region for the best and longest view of the eclipse -- the first to be seen in Britain since 1927. The warning to avoid August births was issued by the Local Medical Committee of Cornwall, which represents general practitioners in the area, in a newsletter for doctors under its "Eclipse health tip of the month." "We don't want to pour cold water on things, but people should realize that they could be very vulnerable," said the committee's spokeswoman, Rosalind Winter.

L. Robert Morris Carleton Unversity

From: ROTARIU To: Multiple recipients of list Subject: Re: Warning for Women in Cornwall

Mr. Eric Pauer, Is it too much if we ask for a copy, or to indicate a way we can include the warning you are talking about in our site on total solar eclipse in the chapter: myths & legends. I might be of interest near other predictions as Nostradamus, Sundar Singh etc. Ilie ROTARIU

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