SE Newsletter December 1998

11 August 1999: Eclips99 webpage

From: "Steven Van Impe" To: Subject: [SE]

Hello eclipse fanatics, finally (and a lot later than expected) the English translation of the Belgian eclipse 1999 page is (more or less) ready. We are now working hard to get the French version ready before the year's end. You can find it at .

We have also added to our galery, after the recent discussion here, an image of the famed Rubens painting. The solar eclipse can be seen at the upper left corner of the painting. Many greetings, Steven Van Impe [email protected]

From: [email protected] Subject: [SE] To: [email protected]

Thanks. I will add a list from our IAU homepage. Please add a link to, the official homepage of the Working Group on Eclipses of the International Astronomical Union.

Do note that "gallery" is misspelled. And the first thing you read when you get the English translation is that it is not finished, so you should update that comment. You misspell "Baily's beads" in the listing at top but not below. We usually spell the name "Christopher Columbus" in English, which is how you have it in the anecdotes but not in the index.

How can I get a slide of the Rubens' painting. Do you have an official address for me to write to?

The "How to observe" translation isn't done, or the link isn't ready. Best wishes, Jay Pasachoff

From: "Steven Van Impe" To: Subject: Re: [SE]

Hello, Thank you for your kind mail and helpful hints regarding our site. The link and corrections you suggest are noted, but it will take some time before they are processed - I still have some 100 unread mails to go, and I'm away for the weekend.

>How can I get a slide of the Rubens' painting. Do you have an official address for me to write to?

The picture on our site was taken from an art book, but I will look up the address of the museum where slides might be obtained. I will mail it to you as soon as I get it. Kind regards, Steven Van Impe

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