SE Newsletter December 1998

23 November 2003: Eclipse Cruise

From: "Patrick Poitevin" Subject: [SE] Antarctica 2003 Sender: [email protected]

>From Kris Delcourte:

For those people interested in preparing (and saving !!) for the adventure of seeing the total solar eclipse I include here a copy from an e-mail I received from an Australian tour operator, specialised in Antarctica cruises. All the information is included in the text below : e-mail address, web page. So if you have interest, I recommend you mail directly to the organiser. If there are many people, maybe we will get it cheaper !

>> From: [email protected] To: Delcourte Kris Subject: Re: Trip to Antarctica for solar eclipse of 23-November-2003

>> Dear Kris, Thanks for your email. I am pleased to advise that we are in advance planning stages for a trip to the area of the eclipse. The expedition is likely to cost from around $16,000 per person and be on board an icebreaker such as Kapitan Khlebnikov. Please take a look in the "vessels" section of our website ( for more information of the ship. Tentatively, we would be looking at cruise dates starting approximately 8 November 2003, sailing from Fremantle (port of Perth, Western Australia) and finishing in either Fremantle or Hobart, Tasmania approx 2 or 3 December. A detailed day by day itinerary has not yet been worked out.

>> I cannot give you any more definite information at this stage, but I have registered your interest in this project and will be in touch in due course.

>> In the meantime, can you tell me whether you may be interested in such an expedition and if so, for how many people? I look forward to hearing from you. Yours sincerely, STEWART CAMPBELL Operations Manager

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