SE Newsletter December 1998

11 August 1999: Eclipses in Zanjan, Iran

To: "Miri Jahan" From: "Patrick Poitevin" Subject: Zanjan and Solar Eclipses

Dear Jahan, For your info and maybe to show people during the lectures: Last and future Solar Eclipses in Zanjan

Last annular eclipse 1890, June 17 altitude max 61

Last total solar eclipse 1788, June 4 altitude max 75

Next annular eclipse 2093, July 23 altitude 24

Next total solar eclipse 2281, June 17 altitude 39

To show people that solar eclipse are not only duringh June and July in Zanjan: in 2220 annular in September, 2305 annular in August, 1709 annular in March, 1773 annular in March, 1793 annular in September,...

If you want I can calculate you anything for any place and for any period if you want. Best regards, Patrick

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