SE Newsletter December 1998

26 February 1998: Details measurements Saros for Finland?

From: Penaloza M A To: [email protected] Subject: More measurement details on the 26/02/98 TSE

Dear Patrick, Once again, I'd like to know more about the graph given in p.24 of Eclips Nieuwsbrief, November'98, nummer 019, on radiometric measurements made during the TSE of 26/02/98 by someone unknown. For example, can you tell what kind of instrument and photosensor (characteristics, wavelength, calibration, etc.) were used, in what direction of the sky these measurements were taken and what region of sky was covered (angle of acceptance of the photosensor pointing at a defined area of the sky). Who made these observations (obviously, you wasn't because you were in other island). So can you tell how to contact this person?

If you hope that measurements of this type be useful, you have to publish additional details like those I am asking for above. Thanks a lot, Marcos Penaloza Essex University England. E-mail: [email protected]

PS. Recently I have sent my paper on the TSE of 26/02/98 for publication. It is entitled "Zenith and Horizon Sky Brightness Photometric Observations During the Caribbean Total Solar Eclipse of 26 February 1998 at Paraguana, Venezuela", hoping that it will be published soon early next year. It will be a pleasure to send you a reprint as it is available.

From: "be001202" <> Subject: Re: More measurement details on the 26/02/98 TSE

Dear Marcos, Sor y for the confusion again. The discription about the instrument and the measurements have been published in the Solar Eclipse Newsletter of september 1998 (number 17) pages 14 and 15. The owner is Jim Huddle. The address of Jim is at the end of the text.

In future, the Solar Eclipse Newsletter will be available from the internet, so you can download all interesting data. I hope to get the measurements are graphics as well electronicly, so I can add them next to the texts.

Thank you again for all the references on the shadow bands. Where and how do you get those listings of references? Best regards, Patrick

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