Eclipse Comet of 1 November 1948

"THE" famous Eclipse Comet of 1948

The Great Eclipse comet of 1948 has been discovered during the total solar eclipse of 1 November 1948. The comet (1948 1 or 1948XI with perihelium on 27 October 1948) was only 2 degrees from the Sun when it was observed in Nairobi, Kenya. The comet has been observed after the eclipse till 3 April 1949 on the Southern Hemisphere. On 10 November, the comet had a magnitude of +2 and the coma was 20 arc minutes. The tail was 30 degrees long on 13 November.

The Eclipse Comet was photographed in Nairobi by R. d'E. Atkinson. The picture can be seen in many publications. The comet was observed from as well land as in the air. The Royal Air Force observed the comet only 4 lunardiameters from the Moon. Totality in Nairobi was only 45 seconds.


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